Muslim rosary for Men Handmade Gift from Natural Baltic Amber


Amber Muslim Rosary. Made from 100% Natural Baltic Amber. Handmade USA. We make rosary beads from natural Baltic amber and decorate them in a traditional Muslim style.

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Muslim rosary for Men Handmade Gift from Natural Baltic Amber.

Muslim rosary for prayer.
High quality amber and workmanship.
Muslim rosary Handmade from organic amber for 33 beads.
There are things that always come first for us. Someone is busy with work. Someone’s entertainment.
And for someone the spiritual part of his life is important. Compliance with rituals. Amber Muslim rosary helps not to lose count. If you responsibly approach the reading of prayers. The rosary can be seen in people with unwavering faith.

But they can become not just a sacred object, but also a stylish accessory.

We make rosaries from natural Baltic amber and decorate them in the traditional Muslim style. They will be a great gift for husband, father, brother, boyfriend, boyfriend. Gift for the holidays Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Birthday. Smoothly polished amber stones are very pleasant to the touch. It will be very good to touch the rosary, counting the prayers read.
Make a gift to yourself and your loved ones today! Muslim rosary for Men Handmade Gift from Natural Baltic Amber.


This black style is very popular in our world. Then these rosaries for men. If you like gothic culture or the magical world, you must have this. On the other hand, the rosary is soothing because it feels good to touch.

Product material: gemstone
Item stone type: amber
Product stone color: black rosary beads
Product Stone Shape: Round
Product stone size: width 10 millimeters
Product Category: Jewelry
Type: Rosary
What’s included: Rosary 33 beads
Product length: 10.23 inches
Product Width: 0.40 inch
Product weight in grams: 22.30 grams
Number of stones in the product: 33 beads
Stone Jewelry Setting: Bead
Demographic Age: Adult (18 years old and over)
Target audience: unisex, men
Care and cleaning: Wipe with a polishing cloth
In the photo Season: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter

We are a family business that makes religious jewelry from natural Baltic amber. Our amber workshop is located in New York, USA. We make jewelry from amber, rosaries, beads, accessories and other products.

Unique amber jewellery is a treasure and force of nature, a life partner.


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Weight 0.786 oz
Dimensions 10.23 × 1 × 1 in

cherry, Amber, black


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