Icon of the Mother of God, decorated with amber


Our handmade amber icons are the perfect way to deepen your spiritual connection this Easter season. Each icon is made with special care and filled with the natural healing properties of amber.

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The Icon of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos helps everyone and in everything if prayer comes from the very heart of the worshipper and his thoughts are pure and kind. Before this icon of the Mother of God, they ask for healing, for the addition of material wealth, for finding their soulmate in order to live in harmony and love, and also for protecting the Motherland from external enemies.
The Most Pure One extends Her Veil, like a spiritual shield, not only over our heads, but also over our souls. You can ask the Mother of God for help to those lost in a world full of confused temptations, attacks of dark forces – for help in saving the greatest jewel – the human soul, your own and your neighbors.

May God protect you.

Amber Icon Jesus Christ Сommandment

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