Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God Handmade from Amber


Person: Seven-shooter Mother of God Size: 3.44*2.06*4.00cm/1.35*0.81*1.57in. Weight: 10.59g / 0.373oz. Material: natural Baltic amber. [videopress Mn4xPHbN]

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Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God, elegantly handcrafted from Amber. This stunning religious icon is a testament to the divine artistry of our skilled artisans, who have painstakingly crafted this piece with the utmost precision and care.
Adorned with an array of mesmerizing colors, this multicolored icon captures the essence of spirituality and devotion. Each hue of the amber radiates a unique warmth and vibrancy, creating a visual masterpiece that will captivate all who gaze upon it.

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Weight 0.373 oz
Dimensions 1.35 × 1 × 1.57 in





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