Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God Handmade from Amber


Handmade Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God – Perfect religious gift for Christmas, Easter, or birthdays. Click now for details! [videopress nejsVLjG]

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Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God – a breathtaking piece, meticulously handmade from exquisite amber, wood, and magnet.
Immerse yourself in the spiritual realm with this multicoloured masterpiece, carefully crafted to capture the true essence of the Icon of the Mother of God. This iconic symbol of faith and devotion has been revered for centuries, and now you have the opportunity to bring its timeless beauty into your life.
The Icon of the Seven Arrows Mother of God is not your ordinary religious artifact. Every stroke of amber, every grain of wood, has been delicately placed to create a stunning representation of divine love and protection. Its harmonious blend of natural materials lends an earthly touch, while the magnet encapsulated within ensures easy display on your favorite metal surface.
Adorned with vibrant hues, this handmade treasure emanates an aura of spirituality, beckoning you to immerse yourself in its sacred presence. The rich, warm tones of the amber provide a captivating contrast to the intricate detailing, adding an element of mystique to this religious icon.

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amber, wood, magnet


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