Icon of the Mother of God Seven-shooter handmade from Baltic amber


The icon is enclosed in a beautiful wooden frame and richly decorated with amber. Dimensions: L * W * H / 5.42 * 0.77 * 7.01 cm / 2.13 * 0.30 * 2.76 inches Material: wood, amber, magnet. Weight: 15.87g / 0.56oz [videopress brzlBcqT]

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An exquisite and captivating icon of the Mother of God of the Seven Arrows, carefully handcrafted from Baltic amber. This stunning piece of religious art is a true testament to craftsmanship and dedication.
The icon of the Mother of God has been a symbol of blessing, protection and spiritual guidance for centuries. Every stroke of the artist’s hand intricately captures the love and grace emanating from this sacred icon. Made from the finest Baltic amber, its multi-colored hues shimmer and dance with every change of light, creating a truly mesmerizing spectacle.

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Weight 0.560 oz
Dimensions 2.13 × 1 × 2.76 in



amber, wood, magnet


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