Icon of the Matrona of Moscow Handmade from Amber


Person: Icon Matrona of Moscow. Size: 6.71*0.69*8.40cm/2.64*0.27*3.30in. Weight: 23.08g / 0.814oz. Material: natural Baltic amber, wood, magnet. Icon Matrona of Moscow handmade from amber – A beautiful Orthodox icon, it can be beautifully placed on a shelf or table. [videopress zUAa7Z30]

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Icon of the Matrona of Moscow Handmade from Amber, a truly remarkable piece of religious artistry. This beautifully crafted icon is a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who meticulously created it.
With its multicoloured intricacies, this icon captures the essence of the Mother of God, radiating a sense of divinity that is truly awe-inspiring. Each stroke of the artist’s brush brings to life the spiritual essence of the Matrona of Moscow, creating a harmonious blend of colors that will inspire and elevate any space it graces.
Handmade with love and devotion, this remarkable icon is crafted from the finest materials. Delicately encased in amber, the icon emanates a warm and inviting glow, symbolizing the eternal light that the Matrona of Moscow encompasses. The use of wood and magnet adds a touch of elegance and durability, ensuring that this extraordinary icon will stand the test of time.
Immerse yourself in the profound spiritual energy that this icon holds. Display it prominently in your home, office, or sacred space, and let its presence serve as a constant reminder of faith and devotion. The Icon of the Matrona of Moscow Handmade from Amber is not just a decorative piece but a powerful symbol of protection, love, and spiritual guidance.

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Weight 0.814 oz
Dimensions 2.64 × 1 × 3.30 in



amber, wood, magnet


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