Icon Patron Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Handmade from Amber


Person: Patron Nicholas the Wonderworker Size: 3.44*2.06*4.00cm/1.35*0.81*1.57in. Weight: 10.56g / 0.372oz. Material: natural Baltic amber. [videopress WpdD2AOO]

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Icon Patron Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, a truly mesmerizing piece meticulously crafted from the finest amber. This handmade masterpiece holds immense spiritual significance, making it the perfect gift for those seeking a connection to the Divine.
Imbued with vibrant hues, our Icon Patron Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is a stunning representation of faith and devotion. The multicolored amber brings a sense of warmth and beauty to this sacred icon, capturing the essence of the divine blessings it symbolizes.
The Icon of the Mother of God, gently nestled within the iconic depiction of Saint Nicholas, adds an additional layer of holiness to this handmade treasure. The divine synergy created by this combination evokes a sense of peace, protection, and spiritual guidance.

Additional information

Weight 0.372 oz
Dimensions 1.35 × 1 × 1.57 in





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