Amber Icon of the Lord Almighty Orthodox Icon


Person: Lord Almighty. Size: 3.44*2.06*4.00 cm/1.35*0.81*1.57 inches. Weight: 8.62 g / 0.304 oz. Material: Natural Baltic amber. Handmade amber icon Lord Almighty is a beautiful Orthodox icon, it can be beautifully placed on a shelf or table. [videopress hgE7viuS]

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The Handmade Amber Icon Lord Almighty is a true masterpiece of religious art. Manufacturer KIZIMA Baltic Amber USA. Carefully crafted with love and devotion, this exquisite icon is a perfect gift for those seeking a meaningful and spiritual connection.
The multicolored hues of the amber create a captivating visual display, making this icon a unique and eye-catching piece. Each stroke of the artist’s brush brings the Icon of the Mother of God to life, conveying a sense of divine presence.
Handmade with precision and attention to detail, this religious icon captivates the essence of faith, love, and devotion. The intricate design showcases the artist’s passion for their craft and their commitment to preserving the ancient traditions of iconography.
The use of amber adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to this icon. The warm colors and natural patterns within the amber create a sense of authenticity, connecting the viewer to the rich history and spirituality of religious icons.

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Weight 0.304 oz
Dimensions 1.35 × 1 × 1.57 in





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