Handmade NECKLACE for Women shape Amber olive


Jewerly Amber NECKLACE for Women. Made from 100% NATURAL Baltic Amber. Handmade USA.

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Handmade NECKLACE for women in the shape of an Amber Olive.
Necklace length: 19.6 inches.
Color: yellow, cognac.
Weight: 0.52 oz.
The necklace is suitable for both women and girls.
Suitable for any type of clothing. You will look elegant, charming with a necklace made of natural amber in the shape of an olive.
Feel stylish, comfortable with these beads.
The highest quality. All Baltic Amber KIZIMA products are certified as 100% pure Baltic amber. Each of our stones is mined in the Baltic Sea.
The lightest organic gem in the world. Amber is a good luck charm that enhances natural radiance and attracts love.
Amber is a mineraloid, fossilized resin of ancient pines, immersed with veins in water. Amber has a calming effect. It has a number of properties and characteristics that are unique to this gemstone.
As you know, the main active ingredient of sun stone is succinic acid, which is responsible for several different processes in the body and is often used in the treatment of thyroid diseases.
Amber is a solar stone, the power and magic of which is used by many peoples of the world. Our ancestors believed that the bubbles in amber are particles of good energy that always come to the aid of people.
Our great-grandmothers put amber in a baby’s cradle. This meant that the baby was protected from the evil eye, evil spirits, would sleep soundly and grow quickly.
In ancient times, during the wedding, the bride wore a yellow stone jewelry for the protection and prosperity of her future family.
Please note that due to the nature of handmade products, in exceptional cases, the order of the colors of the stones in the beads may differ slightly from that shown in the photo.

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Weight 0.52 oz
Dimensions 19.6 × 0.90 × 0.41 in

cognac, Orange, golden




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