Necklace Jewelry for Women. Baltic amber. Handmade


Янтарное колье для женщин. Изготовлен из 100% натурального балтийского янтаря. США ручной работы.

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Amber necklace for women. Natural Baltic amber. US handmade.
The highest quality. All Baltic Amber KIZIMA products are certified as pure Baltic amber.
The necklace is made of natural polished stones of different colors.
The materials used for the production of products are completely safe. Amber passed all laboratory tests. Amber stones without heat treatment.
Amber is a mineraloid, fossilized resin of ancient pines. Amber has a calming effect. It has a number of properties and characteristics that are unique to this precious stone.
As you know, the main active ingredient of the sun stone is succinic acid.
Please note that due to the specifics of handmade, in exceptional cases, the order of the colors of the stones in the necklace may differ slightly from that shown in the photo.

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