Necklace for Women Natural Baltic Amber Handmade


Amber Necklace for Women. Made from 100% Natural Baltic Amber. Handmade USA. Natural Baltic amber necklace, handcrafted in our workshop by experienced amber craftsmen. Baltic amber is an organic substance, a fossil resin produced by pine trees that grew in northern Europe over 45 million years ago.

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Amber Necklace for Women. Natural Baltic Amber. Handmade USA.
Amber necklace for women. 100% natural Baltic amber. USA handmade. Natural gemstone handmade from real natural Baltic amber. The highest quality. All Baltic Amber KIZIMA products are certified as pure Baltic amber. Each of our stones is mined in the Baltic Sea.
The lightest organic gem in the world. Prolonged wear promotes health and good luck. Baltic amber helps relieve stress and anxiety. It clears the mind and releases negative energy, bringing back a positive state of mind. It strengthens memory and intelligence and acts as a natural energizer. Amber is a good luck charm that enhances natural radiance and attracts love.
Another key point due to the peculiarities of the order of the colors of the stones in the necklace may differ slightly from that shown in the photo.

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