Earrings with amber sphere and handmade pendant ball


Handmade organic earrings are made of natural Baltic amber. Amber earrings are suitable in style for both an office suite and a light dress. [videopress aIndy40k]

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These gorgeous classic LCc birthday jewelry for adult women are perfect for any designer or casual outfit.
Inspired by amber balls of happiness, these handmade silver earrings with an amber ball and a ball pendant have a unique design. Stones of dark and light Baltic amber reveal the beauty of each of them. The toggle clasp at the ends allows you to secure gemstones to your earlobes.
This jewelry is the best addition to your summer collection, but the earrings are also suitable as an office suit.
Natural amber is good for a solemn and everyday occasion. Natural amber is very light and warm when in contact with the skin of the stone, these properties make it the most comfortable and attractive stone in jewelry.
Our amber earrings are not an allergenic stone.
Amber stones are delivered directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Our amber workshop is located in New York, USA. We make jewelry from amber: beads, bracelets, earrings and other products. Unique amber jewelry is a treasure and power of nature, a life partner.
You will not find two identical stones in nature, so the shapes, textures and shades of amber may differ slightly from this image.

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amber, metal


Amber, cognan


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