Earrings balls 11 mm from black amber Handmade


The highest quality – all “Baltic Amber KIZIMA” products are certified as 100% pure Baltic amber. Handmade organic earrings are made of natural Baltic amber. Natural amber is good to wear for any everyday occasion.

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Earrings balls 11 mm from black amber Handmade.
Material: amber.
Weight: 1.65 grams / 0.058 ounces.
Clasp type: leverback.
Black color.
Shape: ball 11 mm.
Size: L*W*H/1.14*1.14*3.0 cm/0.45*0.45*1.18 inches.
The highest quality. All KIZIMA Baltic Amber products are certified as 100% pure Baltic amber. Earrings balls 11 mm from handmade black amber are good for any everyday occasion.
Natural amber is very light and warm when in contact with the skin of the stone. These properties make it the most convenient and attractive stone in jewelry. Scientists also believe that natural amber can relieve anxiety or depression. No two are the same. Amber earrings are suitable for both office attire and a light dress.
You will not find two identical stones in nature, so the shapes, textures and shades of amber may differ slightly from this image. Such products can be worn with summer dresses, it is advantageous to complement a strict business suit or a cocktail outfit. Such jewelry does not require any special care, retains its presentable appearance for a long time, and is not afraid of the impact of negative environmental factors.
What is natural Baltic amber?
Amber is a window into the past. Ember is a time capsule. Amber caught by the sun and a golden tear.
The beautiful warm color from white to black captivates jewelry lovers. However, it is much more than a work of art.
In conclusion: we are a family business specialized in the production and sale of authentic amber jewellery. Moreover, we deliver amber directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Our amber workshop is located in New York, USA. We make jewelry from amber: beads, bracelets, earrings and other products. Unique amber jewelry is a treasure and force of nature, a life partner.

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Weight 0.058 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1.5 in





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