Handmade stretch bracelet from amber balls 13mm


Jewerly Amber Bracelet. Made from 100% Natural Baltic Amber. Handmade USA. Baltic amber helps relieve stress and anxiety. It clears the mind and releases negative energy, bringing back a positive state of mind. It strengthens memory and intelligence and acts as a natural energizer. [videopress ZV5TecUg] [videopress vjx75Xto]  

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Handmade stretch bracelet from amber balls 13mm
The highest quality. All KIZIMA Baltic Amber products consist of 100% natural amber.
An amber bracelet will add a bright zest to your look! Bracelet in rich cognac color. Elastic bracelet fits all wrist sizes. Handmade stretch bracelet from amber balls 13mm – A great gift for women, girls and men. Does not contain metal. A stylish accessory will be combined with a beautiful necklace. Suitable for any skin type.
Accessory ORGANIC. The bracelet looks cute and elegant. All products made from Baltic solar stone are unique in their own way. Wear this spectacular bracelet and make an impression!
You will not find two identical stones in nature, so the shapes, textures and shades of amber may differ slightly from this image.

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