Box Faberge Egg Baltic Amber Handmade


This porcelain egg inlaid with Natural Baltic Amber is created especially for you! A handmade natural box in Faberge style will be a great place to store various important things.

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Amber Faberge Egg Baltic Amber Handmade. Is it always difficult to make a decision? Or maybe you are excited about bold and original things? Then we create this porcelain egg inlaid with natural baltic amber especially for you!
Above all, we made Amber Faberge Egg of porcelain and is richly incrusted with Natural Baltic Amber in Faberge style. Moreover, handmade box will be a great place to store various important things and an elegant decoration of your interior. Turn the light or dark side to the sun – it’s up to you!
The egg will beautifully shine with honey shades from golden yellow to dark cherry and give a good mood every day.
Most importantly, master worked out all the smallest details. Combination of honey and coghac colors and glossy polishing make the jewelry box luxurious. Every time you will admire and notice more and more new details. Handmade Amber Faberge Egg will appeal to art lovers, as well as those who are inspired by unusual things.
Handmade amber Faberge Egg will fit any interior. And become an ideal luxurious accent.  Also it might be a beautiful home for your favorite jewelry. Make an ideal gift! Certainly, handmade egg box will be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Handmade jewelry box  is a luxurious gift, espessially, for any woman or girl. Amber Faberge Egg Baltic Amber Handmade. Bring comfort and coziness to the home!
AMBER is an incredibly beautiful stone. It originates hundreds of millions of years ago. Even in the Neolithic era, they knew about the beneficial properties of this mineral. It is obtained organically when wood resin solidifies.
Amber is a sun stone. This name was given to him due to his bright yellow color. In the sun, it shimmers and has a very unusual shade.
AMBER is the Tears of the Sea or the Gift of the Sun. All of them characterize amber.Handmade egg box is unique and may slightly differ from the photo.



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porcelain, amber


Amber, golden, yellow


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