NATURAL Amber Dragon is a symbol of 2024 Handmade


Discover the power of the Amber Dragon. Handcrafted from natural Baltic amber, this symbol of strength and protection will enchant and inspire. [videopress MkB6e2Yh]

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NATURAL Amber Dragon: symbol of 2024 Handmade.
Its design showcases the pure beauty and elegance of amber, a fossilized resin that is millions of years old.
The Amber Dragon has deep symbolic value, making it the perfect addition to your 2024 Christmas collection. Since the dragon symbolizes power, wisdom and strength, it brings a touch of mysticism and enchantment to your holiday decorations.
Product Features:
Handmade with meticulous attention to detail.
Made from real, natural amber.
Symbolizes power, wisdom and strength.
Unique and one of a kind.
The warm golden hue exudes a festive mood.
Creates a cozy and magical atmosphere.
Get into the spirit of 2024 with the NATURAL Amber Dragon, a symbol of strength and mystery. Add this impressive piece to your 2024 Christmas collection and fill your holiday celebrations with wonder and beauty.

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Weight 2.46 oz
Dimensions 2.63 × 2.63 × 2.48 in

Amber, brown, yellow




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