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Amber Tree Handmade USA. Handmade organic interior tree will delight you every day with the honey shades of natural Baltic amber that shine bright in the light.

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Amber Tree Natural Baltic Amber Handmade.
Organic handcrafted interior tree. Accordingly, it will delight you every day with honey shades of NATURAL BALTIC AMBER, which shimmer brightly in the light. Because each leaf is a neat amber mosaic.
Looking at its warm light, you will always smile. Good luck will surely smile at you, because this tree helps to bring comfort, joy and prosperity to your home. In addition, handmade organic amber wood is sure to fit into any interior. It will give it a touch of luxury and comfort. BUY NOW, and very soon your life will sparkle with new, bright colors!
We are a family business that specializes in the production and sale of authentic amber products. Our amber workshop is located in New York, USA. Therefore, amber stones are delivered directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea. And that means
we make jewelry from genuine amber: beads, bracelets, earrings and other items. Amber trees, figurines, interior items made of amber are especially unique. Baltic amber is a treasure and force of nature, a life partner.
Amber objects are products in which the sun lives. There are hundreds of shades of stone. From light milky yellow to dark green and black. Amber has unique and almost healing properties, carries the energy of heat, sun, light.
In ancient times, the gem was valued as a very sensitive and attractive amulet that could attract love.
Amber is able to exchange energy, the gem absorbs your negative energy and returns its natural power. Products and jewelry made of solar stone can give joy and peace. Amber jewelry created by our craftsmen is not only beautiful, but also improves the functioning of the thyroid gland. Amber products are relevant at any time of the year.
In conclusion: you will not find two identical stones in nature, so the shapes, textures and shades of amber may differ slightly from this image.

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amber, wood, metal


Amber, golden, brown


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