Amber and Wood Pen Handmade BALTIC AMBER


Amber Pen. Stylish handmade accessory will emphasize the owner’s status. The pen is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Amber and Wood Pen Handmade BALTIC AMBER.
The handmade handle is made of natural Baltic amber and wood.
KIZIMA BALTIC AMBER offers the perfect choice for your ideal writing style.
The highest quality – all Baltic Amber KIZIMA products are certified as 100% pure Baltic amber.
The ballpoint pen comes with a refill.
Stylish handmade accessory will emphasize the owner’s status.
The pen is a great gift for yourself or a loved one.
This model is suitable for both men and women who use excellent writing instruments in their daily professional activities.
Amber shimmers beautifully in the light and will give only warm positive emotions. Amber and Wood Pen Handmade BALTIC AMBER.
No wonder amber is called the stone of the sun. It shows its most amazing properties in the light.
The pen is filled with the inexhaustible energy of the stone and illuminates the space around with golden rays.
A magnificent handmade jewelry will delight you with its beauty every day.
Amber is a solar stone, the power and magic of which is used by many peoples of the world. Our ancestors believed that the bubbles in amber are particles of good energy that always come to the aid of people.
Our great-grandmothers put amber in the baby’s cradle. This meant that the baby is protected from the evil eye, evil spirits, will have a sound sleep and grow quickly.
In ancient times, during the wedding, the bride put on yellow gem jewelry for the protection and prosperity of her future family.
The gem also played a great role for men. In the campaign, the soldiers were given with them a ring with amber. The stone gave the defender courage, confidence and courage.
Also, the mineral is a symbol of protection for travelers. It is believed that the spirits of the stone accompany and protect their owner throughout the journey and are able to show the way home if the traveler suddenly gets lost.
Green amber has the most powerful energy. In the people it is called a good stone. An amulet from this gem will protect its owner from failures, calm, bring harmony to life, give courage and self-confidence, and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

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Amber, wood


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