Keychain handmade with amber according to the sign of the Zodiac Libra. September 24 – October 23


You no longer have to worry about losing your car key. Keychain with amber mosaic is reliable and durable. Your keys can be hung on a Baltic amber mosaic keychain. Color: amber-honey mosaic. Material: Baltic amber, metal. Shape: circle with zodiac sign. Item size: 3.45*0.63*9.2cm/1.36*0.25*3.62in. Weight: 9.35 grams / 0.330 oz. Metal chain length: 30…

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Keychain handmade with amber, delicately crafted according to the sign of the Zodiac Libra. Born between September 24 and October 23, Libras are known for their harmonious nature, love for balance, and appreciation for beauty. This exquisite keychain captures the essence of a Libra’s spirit, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones or a delightful addition to your own collection.
Handcrafted with utmost precision, this keychain showcases a remarkable blend of multicolored amber, each carefully selected to represent the unique qualities of a Libra. The warm hues of amber radiate positive energy while adding a touch of elegance to your everyday life.
More than just a keychain, this meticulously designed piece serves as a charming token of affection for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday surprise, a Valentine’s Day gift, or simply a heartfelt gesture, our handmade keychain is sure to leave a lasting impression on the Libra in your life.
Combining the natural beauty of amber with the durability of metal, this keychain ensures longevity and functionality. The metal clasp securely holds your keys, while the petite design allows for easy portability without sacrificing style.


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Weight 0.330 oz
Dimensions 1.36 × 1 × 3.62 in



amber, metal


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