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Discover the elegance of our Handmade Wise Owl, adorned with Baltic amber inlays. This luxurious and organic statuette will grace your interior, radiating positive energy. Shop now! [videopress gXwAThoB]

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This handmade owl figurine is made from natural Baltic amber, a charming masterpiece that will bring beauty and elegance to any space it decorates. Handcrafted with love and precision, this stunning figurine showcases the rich charm of 100% natural Baltic amber.
This exquisite owl figurine, created by the artisans of KIZIMA, captures the essence of these magnificent birds. Each fine detail is carefully carved and shaped to highlight the inherent beauty of the amber, resulting in a truly remarkable piece of art.
With its warm amber hue, this figurine exudes an enchanting glow that adds a touch of natural splendor to any interior. Place it on a mantel, shelf or table and watch as it easily becomes the focal point of the room.
This owl figurine makes a truly exceptional gift that is sure to please bird lovers and nature lovers alike. Its intricate craftsmanship and real Baltic amber make it a unique souvenir that will be treasured for generations.


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Weight 7.654 oz
Dimensions 1.96 × 3.43 × 4.33 in

Color, Amber


Amber, porcelain


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