Figurine Duck Amber Handmade Gift Home Decor


A miniature figurine of a Duck is a symbol of warmth, comfort and love. The figurine is decorated with Natural Baltic Amber.

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Figurine Duck Amber Handmade Gift Home Decor. The duck is a symbol of warmth, comfort and love. The HANDMADE ORGANIC figurine is decorated with pieces of NATURAL BALTIC AMBER and is sure to fill your home with its warmth.
In the rays of the sun, amber glows softly and feels warm to the touch. The stone is very brittle and breaks easily when dropped, while at the same time it is ductile. Amber melts at a temperature of 350 degrees, and when burned, it emits a pleasant aroma. Figurine Duck Amber Handmade Gift Home Decor.
Today, scientists have proven that amber is a modified resin of trees of the Tertiary period (the beginning of the period occurred 65 million years ago, the duration is about 63 million years). In this period, approximately 45 – 50 million years ago, the Earth experienced a warming and humidification of the climate. Therefore, some trees began to release resins, especially pines. The resin that solidified on the ground accumulated in the soil, and the rivers gradually carried away its hardened pieces.
Basically, the color of amber is from white to dark brown. However, there are minerals of blue, green, red color.
What is useful amber stone?
The healing qualities of amber are quite extensive:
helps with migraines, normalizes sleep with insomnia
improves brain function, the state of the nervous system, relieves stress
positively affects the state of the thyroid gland
strengthens the immune system, as well as the cardiovascular system
helps to normalize digestion and metabolic processes. Succinic acid is a substance with which a key part of its healing actions is associated. It is a natural element contained in all living beings. It has been used as a dietary supplement and natural vaccine for many centuries.

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