Amber beads nuggets free form mix Weight 25 carats 30-40 pcs


Genuine Amber Loose Polished Amber Beads Beads for needlework 100% natural amber beads ready to be assembled as you wish Each bead has been drilled through, now containing a hole of 1 mm width 5 grams contains about 30-40 beads 5-10 mm in size

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Amber beads nuggets free form mix Weight 25 carats 30-40 pcs.
BEAD! Genuine BALTIC amber free form nugget beads mix bag Weight of 25 carats size about 5 – 10 mm, 30-40 pieces. Amber beads for needlework bracelets, necklaces, earrings.
This is a wonderful gift for your family and friends. If they are engaged in arts and crafts, such as making necklaces or bracelets.
The all natural gemstone is one of the lightest gemstones available. Most importantly, the bead set will provide customers with the purest and most authentic form of amber.
Many believe that amber absorbs negative energy, allowing the body to de-stress and focus on overall well-being.
Each bead has a diameter of 5 to 10 millimeters. Real amber faceted beads weighing 5 grams 30-40 pieces.
Each stone has a hole with a diameter of 1 mm.
As a result, this allows jewelers to use different threads or monofilaments.
Beads for needlework KIZIMA 5 grams. Polished amber beads 100% natural Baltic amber.
Amber is a window into the past. Ember is a time capsule. Amber caught by the sun and a golden tear.
The beautiful warm golden color captivates jewelry lovers. However, it is much more than a work of art.
The Baltic region contains the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite. It dates back to 44 million years ago (during the Eocene epoch).
We are a family business specializing in the sale of authentic amber jewelry delivered directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Our amber workshop is located in New York, USA. We make jewelry from amber: beads, bracelets, earrings and other products. Unique amber jewelry is a treasure and force of nature, a life partner. Natural amber – polished amber beads from the Baltic Sea – drilled through – 5 grams.
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multicoloured, golden


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